How to Select a Pergola Roof Style for Your Home


Pergolas can add interest to your outdoor spaces and it will provide shade so that you can enjoy these areas in day time as well. There are many decisions to make when choosing a pergola and a significant one is selecting the roof style.

You can find different roof styles provided by Prestige pergolas Melbourne. You can actually have a team come and measure your outdoor space so that an accurate quote for your pergola installation can be obtained. But before you start selecting a company, you have to think about the style of pergola you prefer to have. A classic roof style is the Dutch gable roof where there are two sloping roof sections. There will be a ridge in the middle where the two sections meet. You can use decorative trim for the ends of gable which can add a touch of charm to the outdoor space. This type of roof will allow for sufficient ventilation because the roofline is maintained at a higher level. This will also suit many architectural styles and you can use them for traditional and modern homes. However, you have to note that more maintenance will be required for a roof style like this because of the complexity of design.

A pitched roof will only have a single pitch and this will generally be attached to the house.

This offers a simple design that will blend in easily with a variety of home designs. Drainage will be facilitated easily due to the slope of this roof. This type of roof is ideal if you are located in an area with frequent rainfall. This is because the end facing outdoors will always be at a lower level preventing the rain from getting into the outdoor space. So you will actually be able to use the space during the rainy season as well. There is less maintenance required as well because it is not an elaborate detail. This will create a functional outdoor area where you can relax, share a meal and entertain guests.

A minimal approach to pergola is the flat roof and this will suit many modern home designs.

It will give a contemporary look to your outdoor space. However, compared to other roof styles it will not provide a lot of shade but it will definitely create an open and airy feeling inside as there will not be a lot of intricacy in its design. Here the roof surface is parallel to the ground which allows you to achieve clean lines. This is what creates the sense of openness in the outdoor area. You can further expand on this by having a glass roof on top. However, because there is no slope, debris can accumulate on the roof so you will need to carry out regular cleaning. This is a great option for maximising natural light and ventilation. If you want to increase weather protection, you can add transparent blinds that can be closed during rain.

Abraham Mcfarlane