Multilingual Typesetting

We manage the complete process from the translation of your documents to the supply of your print ready multilingual artwork.

At Design Studio 5 we provide multilingual typesetting into over 200 languages.  We produce all kinds of printed material including corporate brochures, business cards, packaging, posters, technical manuals, user manuals, and books.

We provide multilingual typesetting in all European and Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Korean, Thai, Khmer and all right to left languages including Arabic, Dari, and Hebrew.  We use the artwork and source texts we receive from the client and provide the complete artwork in the language of your choice including design files, web-ready PDF files, and high-resolution PDF files.

What is Multilingual Typesetting?

Multilingual typesetting is the translation of your material from one language to another and the subsequent typesetting of that translation into your design files.  This requires experts who are aware of the relevant rules each language requires.

The number of characters will vary once you have your material translated into a foreign language, the difference can be up to 30% or more. Each language has specific rules that need to be applied when typesetting, languages such as Arabic reads right to left and in fact, the whole layout must reflect this.  We are experienced multilingual typesetters who are familiar with all language requirements including appropriate fonts, layouts, hyphenation, and expansion or contraction of the page layouts.

arabic multilingual typesetting

Multilingual Typesetting And Translation

We work with a professional translation agency for our translation services.  The advantage of having the translation completed with your typesetting is that our designers will liaise with the translators to ensure no errors occurred during the transfer process.  We are able to provide translations and typesetting into over 200 languages.  Whether you are translating into one or multiple languages you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Our multilingual DTP service can help you ensure that the look of your translated materials is consistent with the original document while being compliant with the linguistic rules of the target country.

Our Quality Control Process

• Material is translated by a professional translator

• Translation is proofread by a second translator

• Translation is typeset into the English design files

• Typeset document is then proofread by the translator

• Any amendments are completed by the typesetter

• Final check and signoff from the translator

Some languages we typeset into

+ Afrikaans
+ Amharic
+ Arabic
+ Aramaic
+ Armenian
+ Assyrian
+ Bengali
+ Bosnian
+ Bulgarian
+ Burmese
+ Catalan
+ Chinese Simplified
+ Chinese Traditional
+ Croatian
+ Czech

+ Danish
+ Dari
+ Dinka
+ Dutch
+ Farsi/Persian
+ Finnish
+ German
+ Greek
+ Gujurati
+ Hazaragi
+ Hebrew
+ Hindi
+ Hungarian
+ Icelandic
+ Indonesian

+ Italian
+ Japanese
+ Karen
+ Khmer
+ Kirundi
+ Korean
+ Kurdish
+ Lao
+ Latin
+ Lithuanian
+ Macedonian
+ Malay
+ Maltese
+ Mongolian
+ Nepali

+ Norwegian
+ Nuer
+ Persian
+ Pidgin/Tok Pisin
+ Polish
+ Portuguese
+ Punjabi
+ Pashto
+ Romanian
+ Russian
+ Samoan
+ Serbian
+ Sinhalese
+ Slovak
+ Slovene

+ Somali
+ Spanish
+ Swahili
+ Swedish
+ Tagalog/Filipino
+ Tamil
+ Thai
+ Tigrinya
+ Turkish
+ Ukrainian
+ Urdu
+ Uzbek
+ Vietnamese

We use DS5 Translations for our translations.